Wirezapp Games Presents New Information On Groundbreaking RPG “Fero”!

Each and every world that the player steps into will not only have an entirely procedurally generated landscape and layout, but the way that the story itself unfolds will be entirely unique to that world in addition to being affected by how the player decides to influence it. This means that the world that you step into was created just for you, and the narrative that shapes the landscape around you is constantly impacted by the choices of those inhabiting it (you know, much like this thing called “real life”).

The world, the characters, the factions, the conflicts, the emotions, will all be procedurally (“on-the-fly”, so to speak) generated, making every single detail about a world that much more personal to the player. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to share this experience with a friend, of course you’ll want to live this amazing journey with some buddies, comrades and allies. That’s why we are going to be allowing you to bring your friends in to explore your world with you, and stand by your side when you want them. You will be allowed, and encouraged, to invite friends to join you in your world and help shape the massive landscape that you will experience over the course of your adventure in Fero, an adventure that is assured to be groundbreaking, stunning, revolutionary and truly unique experience from the start.

Developed by Wirezapp Games, a dedicated indie gaming studio with some of the most talented and creative minds in the industry fueling it, Fero is their latest groundbreaking RPG. Set in a uniquely, procedurally generated world created just for you, the title revolves around a strong, close community and is rapidly becoming a highly anticipated upcoming title. Release date and opportunities to get your hands on Fero is TBD.

Updates on the groundbreaking RPG “Fero”, are continually posted here on our official Tumblr page as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages located at https://twitter.com/WireZappGames and https://www.facebook.com/ProjectFero, respectively. Please don’t forget to check them out and follow/like us!